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Permanent Hair Extensions in Chennai | Premium Hair Solution

The hair extension method refers to the process of attaching synthetic or human hair to a person’s natural hair with clip-ons, adhesives, micro links and tape to lengthen hair and give it fullness. Hair extensions can be applied by individual strands to your natural hair. This can be a time-consuming method as 100-300 extensions may have to be added to make the hair look completely natural. Hair extensions in chennai help the women with hair-thinning issues or short hair to achieve a longer and fuller head of hair.

Good Hair Length With Hair Extensions in Chennai

Premium Hair Solution offers the latest and most innovative hair extension methods to give you the Bollywood look! This creates a stunning impression of style, youth and grace. Hair extension is a non-surgical method to enhance hair length, maximize volume and get wonderfully natural looking tresses. Whether it is for styling, special occasions, or just showing-off your crowning glory, hair extension is one of the best hair restoration systems.

No Second Thoughts Needed!

Premium Hair Solution provides the best hair care solutions, modern technologies, research in hair restoration and improved techniques through attaching the right hair extensions that feel and look completely natural.

What is Special about Hair Extensions Provided by Our Clinic?

Set Your Hair and Get Your Style!

Hair extensions are lengths of synthetic or real hair that are affixed close to your scalp through many systems. Well matched in texture and color, and applied professionally by a trained, experienced and competent extensionist, hair extensions blend naturally with your regular hair, making it hard to tell if you are wearing one.

They provide volume, extend your hair plus add highlights and lowlights without the harshness of hair coloring. Some hair extensions can be worn continuously for over three months before any maintenance is required.

Extensions come in different textures, colors, lengths and styles to match and suit any hair type. Human and natural hair extensions are expensive because they are set, colored, curled and treated. However, synthetic hair can melt when exposed to high temperatures of the curling iron or hot blow dryers. These are not generally recommended, except as temporary cosmetic solutions.

Benefits of Hair Extensions in Chennai

Currently, hair extensions are very popular.

Hair extensions will immediately give you an increase in the weight and volume to boost your existing style.

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to transform your style instantly. You get a beautiful head of long hair in whatever type you choose, and the impact is immediate and dramatic.

Highlights and Color

Hair extensions are the perfect way to introduce different effects. Adding highlights and flashes of color give you an instant change of look, whether subtle or dramatic.

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